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Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd is affiliated to Henan Zhongwei HighSci.& Techn. Chem. En. Co., Ltd.,which is mainly responsible for import and export.Our company engaged in the business mainly in the area of marketing and import-export high quality plant growth regulator,plant nutrition,organic fertilizer,lawn&garden care product.Our group have two factories in China,two oversea offices and one international professional team,which contains 2 American Doctors,3 Plant nutrition Doctors,5 Plant Protection masters.

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

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“Committing to providing superior solutions for plant nutrition and living environment and more concerning for the human survival environment” is our target.“Focusing on green life,contributing to golden harvest” is our endless pursuit.We hope the sky is even bluer,the tree is even greener,the flower is even more colorful......We desire to make full use of our advantages to serve the career of plant protection in the worldwide,to focus on human survival environment and ecological health of the earth and commit to build the most influential brand in the plant nutrition area.We devote ourselves to create the biggest value for customer,and take more harmonious,green and healthy for our survival environment.

“A-Quality,A-Service” At present our group has established the long last and stable cooperation relationship with almost 1800 companies and more than 30 countries and area in worldwide.Customer-oriented and we always insist on offering high quality products and comprehensive service to the old and new customers in the domestic and worldwide.

Thank you once again for your sustainable supporting and attention.

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Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

1994 year

In 1994, President Mr.Zhang established Henan Zhongwei Spring Chemical Research Institute,recombine scientific compatibility, after purification and separation, developed a new green life material, and named "sodium nitrophenolate".

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

1997 year

In 1997, Henan Zhongwei HighSci.& Techn. Chem. En. Co., Ltd start up,since then, sodium nitrophenolate has been used by thousands of agricultural manufacturers and is almost ubiquitous in the field of upstream raw materials.

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

2001 year

In 2001, Zhongwei took the lead in the Central Plain of China to pass the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification.

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

2002 year

In 2002,Spring No.1 (Sodium Nitrophenolate) was listed as the key product that is recommended to Europe Union by French technology quality supervision and evaluation committee. The invention of nutrition capsule led to the small package mode of pesticide.

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

2007.09 year

In 2007, Asia Pacific Chemicals registered in Zhengzhou China and mainly in the exporting product related with green crops.

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

2010.03 year

In 2010, Asia Pacific provide customized product services to foreign customers and provide better solutions based on local crop conditions.

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

2012 year

In 2012, the fifth anniversary of Asia Pacific was established. With excellent product quality, attentive customer service and the grand goal of focusing on plant nutrition, Asia Pacific is honored as a "plant nutrition expert" for its partners.

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

2013 year

In 2013, Asia Pacific made great progress in the field of original drugs, and the processes of compound sodium nitrophenolate, Indolebutyric acid sodium and DA-6 were upgraded again, and won favor from many domestic fertilizer enterprises with high purity and high content quality.

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

2014 year

In 2014, the expert group for China's major production status and needs, develop meet the standard of Europe and America's green, safe, healthy, low toxicity and no residual series plant nutrition protection products, and offering OEM service.

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

2016 year

In 2016, the company, together with several institutions of higher learning and research institutes, established "APC plant rooting and expanding fruit engineering research center", which continuously provided technical support for enterprise product innovation.

Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

2017 year

In 2017, the enterprise ushered in the 10th anniversary, "product, technology, market, service" was listed as the four strategic pillars of the company's development, making all-out efforts to save costs, create value and contribute wisdom to agricultural growers.

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Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd. Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.


Asia Pacific(Zhengzhou)Chemicals Co.,Ltd.


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