My Story with Asia Pacific chemicals

December 16, 2019

Hello everyone!

My story with Asia Pacific goes back to 2006. At that time, plant growth regulators were in the field of horticulture. They were in the initial stage of production and sales in the market. People from Asia Pacific found me and helped me on a zero basis, from being familiar with the product to using it on various plants And then to explain freely later, all of this can not be separated from the support of Asia Pacific.

No grand words, simple and honest, this is my first impression of Asia Pacific people. The simplicity of Asia Pacific people opens the door to our cooperation. They infected me with action and warmed me with truth.

It is not easy to make a good product and gain a firm foothold in the industry. Why Asia Pacific can have a large number of loyal partners at home and abroad, I think the most important thing is that they are very focused. Without focus, there would be no Asia Pacific history of China's production of sodium dinitrophenol. Without focus, there would be no myth known by every household in Spring Rain No. 1. Without focus, there would be no Asia Pacific people to cooperate with us. The focus has given Asia Pacific insight into an industry and an industry; the focus has allowed Asia Pacific to continuously improve its team and management, and to make its products and services more and more sophisticated. Mr. Zhang put forward the concept of “small and refined”, and focused on plant nutrition with all the staff. I recognize and admire this.

I also often ask Asian Pacific business staff and technical staff for some technical questions. Every time I ask, Asia Pacific people always answer me with a faster response. This is very satisfactory. Once again, during the cooperation process, Asia The Pacific people thanked them for all their efforts.

Speaking of concentration, I have a little story to share with you. At that time, when Spring Rain No. 1 began to be promoted on the garden, we didn't know much about its effects and use methods. If you don't know a product, when you introduce it to your customers, you have no confidence at all. Now, in the market in Jinan, we can do one-on-one sales of Chunyu No. 1 with all pesticide products (except those that are particularly alkaline), thanks to the persistent technical guidance of people from Asia Pacific at the time. It is their focus that has made today's Spring Rain No. 1 sales achievements.

I also communicate and communicate with many colleagues. Everyone feels that the market environment is changing. Especially this year, business is not particularly easy to do. My company is also the same. It is affected by various market factors. The customer's service and demand are constantly changing. It is not difficult to make meticulous and considerate service, but it is not so simple to make the service to a high degree. Already.

After returning to Asia Pacific a few years later, I was very impressed that Asia Pacific has also become better. The accumulation of talents, the maturity of technology, the research and development of products, the personalized configuration of services, etc. are all the forces that Asia Pacific people have gathered through long-term efforts. It has been 17 years since the development of Asia Pacific. In the past seventeen years, what does it mean to be long or short? What does it mean? According to statistics, the average life span of Chinese private enterprises is fifteen years, which means that after seventeen years of baptism in the industry and market, seventeen years With the accumulation of years of power, Asia Pacific people can gain a deeper insight into the agricultural materials industry, use the most = more competitive teams and services to impress partners and consumers, and use more technical products to stand on the market. Invincible, this is my evaluation of Asia Pacific people.

We do not produce our own products. When we look at the industry, we will use competitive teams and services to impress our customers. It is also what we have to do. To develop and progress together with reliable partners is believed to be the common aspiration of Asia Pacific people and colleagues. Let us go hand in hand with Asia Pacific!

Thank you Asia Pacific for your hard work in the development of China's agriculture and garden industry in the past 17 years. Thank you Asia Pacific for your efforts and support for our distributors and friends in the past 17 years. Support, I wish Asia Pacific company and gardening friends to do better, stronger, more stable, more sincere and updated in the industry. This is the development philosophy of Asia Pacific, and I hope it is an important concept for us to develop together with Asia Pacific.