90%TC, 0.1%SP, 0.15%SP, 0.01%SL 


1. Promote cell elongation and division: increase enzyme activity, increase DNA and protein content, promote cell elongation and division, accelerate plant growth and increase yield.

2. Promote photosynthesis: accelerate the fixed rate of CO2, improve the photosynthetic efficiency, deepen the color of the leaves, increase the area of the leaves, enrich the leaves, grow orderly, and improve the quality of the leaves.

3. Improve the plant resistance: under low temperature, such as drought and salinity stress, canola, lactone can enhance crop root water absorption performance, stable structure and function of the membrane system to maintain a high energy metabolism, regulating intracellular physiological environment, promote the normal physiological and biochemical metabolism, thereby enhancing the resistance of plants.At the same time, the disease can be alleviated by comprehensively regulating the physiological and biochemical processes of plants.

Applicative Crops

It can be widely used in wheat, corn, rice, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, bean, potato, tobacco, watermelon and other crops.

Usage Method

Leaf spray: 0.01-0.1mg/L

1KG/Bag ,25KG/Drum


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