1KG/Bag ,25KG/Drum


clopyphenylurea can be absorbed by the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of plants, and then transported to the place where it works.

The main physiological function is to promote cell division, increase cell number and increase fruit.

Promote tissue differentiation and development;

Break the dormancy of lateral buds and promote germination;

Delaying senescence and adjusting nutrient distribution;

Improve pollen fertility, induce some fruit trees to bear fruit, promote fruit sitting and improve fruit quality.

Clopylurea is currently one of the most active synthetic agonists in promoting cell division. Its biological activity is about 10 times that of 6-ba.

Applicative Crops

field crops,vegetables , fruits and such crops.

Usage Method

Forchlorfenuron is used as bear fruit and is mainly used for anthesis treatment.

In melon, watermelon and other melons should be used carefully, especially in high concentration will have side effects

Forchlorfenuron is mixed with gibberellin or other auxin, and its effect is better than that of single use. However, it must be conducted under the guidance of professional personnel or on the premise of demonstration after testing, and it should not be used arbitrarily

Reapply in case of rain within 12 hours after treatment


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