Gibberellic acidGibberellic acidGibberellic acid
Gibberellic acidGibberellic acidGibberellic acid

Gibberellic acid


Gibberellic acid 95%TC ,90%TC ,10%/20%/40%SP,10% 20%Tablet

1KG/Bag ,25KG/Drum


Gibberellic acid is one of the important endogenous hormones to promote plant growth and development.It mainly promotes cell elongation and directly promotes nucleic acid and protein synthesis during cell growth.It can break the dormancy of seeds, tubers, bulbs and other plant organs and promote germination.Can induce plants to form ɑ - amylase in the body, increase the ribosome polymer and endoplasmic reticulum, promote cell division and elongation, giving full play to the advantages of the top, and thus beneficial to plant growth and development, reduce the fallen petal fruit drop, increase the rate of results and the formation of seedless fruit.

1.Breaking sleep promotes germination

2.Promote the growth of nutrients

3.Promote flower bud differentiation

4.Increase fruit setting rate

5.Promote sciatic or seedless fruit formation

Applicative Crops

field crops,vegetables and fruits and such crops.

Usage Method

mix with pesticide and fertilizer raw materials averagely, then can produce the product as usual.


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