Gibberellic acid A4 A7
Gibberellic acid A4 A7

Gibberellic acid A4 A7


1) GA4.A7 3.6%SL

2)A4.A7 90%TC

3) GA4.A7+6-BA 3.6%SL


Apperance :White crystal;

Metling point :201-205 C

Loss on drying:< 0.5%

Residule :< 0.1%a

GA4+7 belongs to Gibberellic Acid's isomers and also naturally occurring plant hormones.. After it is compounded with 6-Benzylaminopurine, it can be used in plants as apples, grapes, etc. to improve the quality and the output.a

Applicative Crops

Promote the apple set fruit, make apple five edges clearly ,make the apple have a good shape and good color .

Increase corn the sprout ratio, increase the outputs; 

When use on changing the cucumber sex, it can increase the ratio of female flower of cucumber.

Usage Method





Break dormancy, promote germination, and improve the rate of budding

Dilute 1000 times


Seedbed spray

Seedling well, improve the transplant survival rate

Dilute 2500-3000 times


Seedling spray

Rooting,disease resistance and cold resistance, inhibit transpiration and drought resistance

Dilute 2000-2500 times


Adlut-stage spray

Promote metabolism,Color green,early flowering

Dilute 1000 times


Flower bud spray

Promote pollen tube’s elongation, increase

fruit setting rate, prevent falling flowers

Dilute 1500-2000 times


Surface spray

fruit in good shape and  bright color,improve quality, early harvest, increase production

Dilute 1500 imes


Mixed with conventional insecticides, fungicides and leaf fertilizer to improve the efficacy and reduce the use of pesticides

Dilute 1500 times


Detoxification can be effective and shorten the recovery time of affected crops

Dilute 1500 times

Prevent natural disease

Antifreeze,resist drought and waterlogging;

Stress relieving

Dilute 1500 times


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