Sodium, α-naphthaleneaceticdSodium, α-naphthaleneaceticdSodium, α-naphthaleneaceticd
Sodium, α-naphthaleneaceticdSodium, α-naphthaleneaceticdSodium, α-naphthaleneaceticd

Sodium, α-naphthaleneaceticd




Broad-spectrum plant growth regulator, promoting cell division and tissue differentiation, used for fruit swelling and tuber swelling;Inducing the formation of roots and adventitious roots to accelerate the rooting of cuttings and seed.It can also be used to protect flowers and fruits, increase production, enhance anti-stress ability, etc.

1.High purity, without impurities, non-toxic side effects: high purity of alpha sodium naphthalene acetic acid purity over 98%, a small amount of water does not contain other organic impurities, so in its effective use concentration range will not produce any harm to crops, and ordinary alpha naphthyl acetic acid sodium as 20% organic impurities, within the scope of the effective use of concentration of plant of young leaf, germ, seedling can produce harm.

Light causes black spots, heavy causes death, and some organic impurities are harmful to the human body and the environment.

For any kind of plant growth regulator and pesticide, its purity and its effect are related, such as high purity of alpha naphthyl acetic acid sodium is 5 PPM, it has very good effect, and ordinary alpha naphthyl acetic acid sodium need to reach 20 PPM is effect.

2.Excellent solubility: high-purity ammonium naphthalene-acetic acid sodium has water and oil solubility, so it can be made into water agent, powder agent, emulsion oil, granule agent and other dosage forms separately.

Because it is a monomolecular existence in the solution, disperses evenly, is easy to be absorbed by the plant, but the ordinary content 80% can only dissolve in the oil, the use is very inconvenient.

It needs to be diluted with ethanol, etc., which exists in the state of molecular mass in the emulsion powder.

3.Good mixing quality: high-purity prune-naphthalene sodium acetate can be used in combination with most plant growth regulators, such as auxin, denitrophenol sodium, fungicide, fertilizer, etc.

However, no recombinant preparation of garden-naphthalenoacetic acid has been developed.

4.Quick action and quick effect

Applicative Crops

 field crops,vegetables , fruits and such crops.

Usage Method

1. Spraying the leaves with 0.05-0.25 g/mu

2. Foliar fertilizer 6-10 g/mu

3. Compound fertilizer (base fertilizer, fertilization) 8-12 g/mu

4. Defoliation and fruit thinning: 30-50ppm


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