Why do so many people choose the path of customization?

May 08, 2019

Technical advantages: core technical competitiveness

More than 20 years of plant nutrition research and development, application and promotion technology precipitation.


Equipment advantages: large-scale production hardware

More than 6000 square meters of new production park, improve the production technology and process, 32 modern production equipment, to ensure the scope of customization and delivery time.


Production advantage: stable product quality

Strict ISO9001 quality control system, strict incoming material inspection and 6S quality control system to ensure product quality and effect.


Processing advantages: abundant product system

We can customize water-soluble fertilizer, functional fertilizer, compound fertilizer, bacterial fertilizer, biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, conditioner, pesticide, fungicide and other water agent, powder, emulsion products.


Cost advantage: a huge procurement system

Have more raw material procurement supplier database in China, and reach annual strategic partners with more enterprises to ensure the quality and price advantage of raw material procurement.


Service advantages: satisfactory cost performance

Kind price, honest payment method, fast logistics distribution system, intimate Tai Chi service marketing mode.


Concept advantage: more than 20 years of formal enterprises

Mutually-beneficial cooperation concept, customer interests as the center, to create value for customers, customers adhere to the trade secrets.